Next Possible Facebook Development Focus- Voice-Based Browsing

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Facebook is still the leading social network on the planet. It is not resting on its laurels and be overtaken by the competition. It is actively seeking different ways to develop and improve its main product to continue leading the pack. One possible focus of development may possibly be voice-based browsing.

If Facebook’s current actions in the market are to be analyzed, it seems that the social network company is bent on developing voice-based online browsing. It has recently agreed to purchase a 12-year-old company called Mobile Technologies. The company is known to develop and create voice-based communication tools, most notably Jibbigo. This tool enables users to obtain voice-to-voice translations between two languages using their mobile phone. The tool works both offline and online. Mobile Technologies come with the advantage of having the leading multi-language and voice recognition technologies to date. By purchasing the company, Facebook is intent to integrate this technology into their current product.

As for voice-based browsing, Facebook representatives have recently made it known publicly that they are looking into the possibilities of using voice to navigate on mobile device as well as the Web. Getting Mobile Technologies into the fold will surely help them realize this objective. While voice- recognition navigation technology has already been used in some products, most notably Apple’s Siri. Facebook may be exploring applications along the same lines and use it on their social network as a unique feature.
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